ADC BioScientific is the most experienced manufacturer of infrared gas analysers for measuring photosynthesis, having designed gas exchange instrumentation since 1969. Today, ADC manufactures an unparalleled range of portable photosynthesis and transpiration measurement systems. The LCpro-SD Portable Photosynthesis System was the first truly portable and affordable gas exchange system with full environmental control. Weighing just 4.5kg, the LCpro-SD is ideal for field research, and is essential for work in remote or harsh sites where the instrument must be carried for a few hours. These advantages made the LCpro-SD the system of choice for hundreds of researchers worldwide – just see the sample of research papers in our reference archive webpage.

For the ultimate in lightweight and ease of use, the LCi-SD Photosynthesis System is the most portable on the market. By incorporating the latest in miniaturised technology and a small 12volt rechargeable battery, the LCi-SD weighs just 2kg. As evidenced by the numerous research papers referencing the LCi-SD, its portability has extended the remit of photosynthesis research to habitats that were previously inaccessible to conventional photosynthesis systems. In addition to being ultra-compact, the LCi-SD is the most user-friendly photosynthesis measurement system. The software controlled console features a large, high definition screen for easy experimental programming, flexible data logging, and instant photosynthesis calculations. Therefore, the LCi-SD is also ideal for photosynthesis teaching. For non-destructive field measurements of whole leaf area and areas of disease, ADC has designed the AM350 Leaf Area Meter. The latest in this popular series adds perimeter measurement, fast USB image download and long-life NiMH batteries. The AM350 has proved to be crucial for a diversity of research themes, such as water-use efficiency, photochemical rate, plant-herbivore interactions, biomass allocation, and growth responses to environmental stresses. ADC supplies a range of highly Portable Chlorophyll Fluorometers. By investigating the fluorescence emitted from chlorophyll in leaves, the efficiency of electron transport through PSII can be assessed. Improvements in our understanding of how plant physiology and stress effects fluorescence characteristics has helped chlorophyll measurement become common in plant physiological studies. To support this increase in research, ADC has been at the forefront of developments in instruments for measuring chlorophyll fluorescence from intact plants. ADC’s chlorophyll fluorometers are ideal for examining photosynthetic performance in leaves in laboratories, controlled environments and field sites, and suit a wide range of plant stress applications and research budgets. Chlorophyll fluorescence can also be applied to research in crop production and development, since the efficiency of electron transport through PSII effects CO2 assimilation. To measure the amount of chlorophyll in a sample, ADC’s CCM-200 plus (Chlorophyll Content Meter) provides accurate, non-destructive analysis. This lightweight, hand-held unit is the most portable commercially available meter for quantifying chlorophyll.

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