ADC Bioscientific, the preeminent manufacturer of instruments to monitor gases, plant biology, and soil CO2 flux.

For the investigation of plant physiology, ADC produces the most portable and user-friendly equipment on the market. The photosynthesis measurement systems – ranging from ultra-compact to sophisticated systems for comprehensive experiments – are invaluable tools for thousands of researchers worldwide. To accurately and non-destructively measure leaf area and associated parameters, ADC produces the most compact and portable commercially available device. ADC’s hand-held Chlorophyll Content Meter is a highly reliable and affordable instrument to non-destructively quantify chlorophyll. To allow plant stress to be investigated through chlorophyll fluorescence, ADC supplies a range of chlorophyll fluorometers – from compact hand-held devices to fluorometers that offer exceptional experimental control and more testing protocols than any other portable fluorometer.


ADC’s reputation for designing equipment with the user in mind is confirmed by its instruments for monitoring gases and soil respiration. With research increasingly focusing on rising levels of greenhouse gases, ADC has designed a range of gas analysers suitable for research on a multitude of life science issues. ADC also excels in its range of sophisticated instruments to assess sources of CO2. The portable Soil Respiration Systems include both intelligent systems that control environmental conditions and ultra-compact and affordable instruments weighing only 2kg. The new Automated soil CO2 Exchange system is for long-term, unattended monitoring of soil flux.

Quality and customer support

For over 40 years, ADC Bioscientific has lead the development of instruments to make your research evermore sophisticated. By collaborating with leading scientists, ADC Bioscientific continues to improve and expand its product range while setting new standards in portability and ease of use. Our equipment is designed for optimum performance, even in harsh environmental conditions. Furthermore, every instrument is subjected to ADC's rigorous quality testing to ensure that it facilitates your research for many years to come. That is why we have confidence in the quality of our instruments. Should any servicing be required, this will naturally be free of charge for at least a year after purchase, and many of our products carry a 2 year full warranty. Our engineers assist with any inquiries relating to the application, technicalities or service of our equipment, allowing you to minimise service costs and maximise research time. We can be contacted by telephone, fax, email or our web support form. Customer support is provided directly from our headquarters in England, and from over 40 international support centres worldwide that give customers effective local assistance around the world.


Highly sensitive infrared CO2 analysers for long-term unattended measurement of atmospheres, or portable devices for measuring a range of gases.


Portable photosynthesis, transpiration and fluorescence measurement systems, allow access to previously unreachable sites.


Sophisticated soil CO2 flux measurement equipment to assess the spatial and temporal variability of soil respiration.


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16th Apr 2018

New LCi T Accessible Photosynthesis System

ADC is pleased to announce the introduction of their latest upgrade to the extremely popular LCi series photosynthesis systems. [caption id="attachment_500" align="alignnone" width="300"]...

8th Mar 2018

New photosynthesis system with colour touch screen display

ADC Bioscientific Ltd., is proud to launch their most sophisticated photosynthesis system yet. ...

25th Apr 2017

ADC will be exhibiting at the Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture

ADC will be having a trade stand at this years GFIA meeting in Utrecht 9th-10th May. If you would like to visit the international exhibition free of charge, then please click on the link below to register.