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PSP32 Monitoring Fluorometer System

“The next generation of monitoring fluorescence system”

The new Optiscience Monitoring Fluorescence System is a ground-breaking, multi-head, fluorometer which, for the first time, enables the long-term, unattended measurement of advanced fluorescence parameters.

The unique, daylight, dark adaption mechanism allows measurement of qE fast acting Xanthophyll cycle, qM chloroplast migration, qT state transitions, qi photoinhibition, pNPQ photoprotective NPQ and qPd photochemical quenching in the dark, immediately after actinic illumination, several times per day.

Up to 32 measuring heads can be configured with a single controller/logger. This controller has a black and white touch screen with an intuitive, menu driven user interface. Powered by a 12 volt battery, the highly efficient system can operate indefinitely when coupled with a small solar panel.

On-board memory has enough capacity to store many years of data and fluorescence graphs. Data is stored as ASCII comma delineated files, which may be automatically opened in Excel. Options for data retrieval include WiFi, cell phone, SD data card, radio point-to-point, Ethernet, satellite phone, or USB stick (enquire for pricing options).

Red (640nm) or Blue (455nm) LED light sources are available. Giving a 10,000umols m-2 s-1 square topped saturating pulse or a 7,000 umol m-2 s-1 multi-phase flash for Fm’ determination.

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