New OS5p+ advanced chlorophyll fluorometer

ADC is pleased to introduce a new, advanced fluorometer with enhanced specifications, in a more compact and lightweight format.

The OS5p+ is the world’s most advanced chlorophyll fluorometer with PAM detection technology.

The small, portable fluorometer has a colour touch screen display, SD card storage, USB port and long-life Ni-Mh batteries.

Protocols performed include:

  • Fv/Fm and Fv/Fo
  • Yield(II)
  • OJIP
  • Rapid light curves
  • Quenching protocols include:
    1. Hendrickson lake model protocol with NPQ
    2. Kramer lake model protocol
    3. Puddle model protocol
    4. Quenching relaxation protocol

For further details click hereĀ OS5p+