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Plant Stress Kit

Boris LAZAREVIĆ, Tomáš LOŠÁK, Ahmad M. MANSCHADI (2018)
Arbuscular mycorrhizae modify winter wheat root morphology and alleviate phosphorus deficit stress.
Plant Soil Environ.,Vol. 64, 2018, No. 1: 47–52, doi: 10.17221/678/2016-PSE

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Changes in gene expression in Camelina sativa roots and vegetative tissues in response to salinity stress.
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Fernández Marín B., Gago J., Clemente Moreno M.J., Flexas J., Gulías J., García Plazaola J.I. (2019)
Plant pigment cycles in the high Arctic Spitsbergen.
Polar Biology (2019) 42:675–684

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