LCpro T Advanced Photosynthesis Measurement System

The new LCpro T has succeeded the LCpro-SD. The LCpro T builds on its predecessor with colour touch screen display, Li-ion battery, GPS, RGB light unit, multi-parameter graphing and other benefits to create a new generation of photosynthesis systems.

Colour touch screen display. The analyser showcases the large, high resolution, touch screen display which not only simplifies programming and operation but also allows the simultaneous graphing of any four measured parameters. The high contrast display is visible from any angle and easy to read, even under the brightest conditions

LED light units. The LCpro T has the option of two highly controllable, light weight, LED light units. The RGB version allows the user to adjust not only the intensity of the illumination but also the ratio of red, green and blue in the actinic light. The white LED light unit allows PAR levels up to 2,500 umol.

Enhanced graphing. Exciting enhancements to the graphing function include four parameter graphing, saving graphs to the SD card as an image file and saving the data used to generate the graph to the SD card as a CSV file.

GPS.  The LCpro T now stores accurate longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates within datasets, allowing the user to pinpoint where readings were taken.

Li-ion batteries. Long life Li-ion batteries are now fitted as standard. This not only gives the LCpro T 16 hours of operation but also saves around 1Kg of weight from the console. Li-ion batteries have other advantages, they have a very low rate of self discharge, meaning they lose less of their charge during periods of storage and they have no memory effect, so do not require frequent “complete discharge”, like Ni-Cad batteries.

The widest range of chambers. The LCpro T  can be adapted for the widest range of applications due to new chamber heads. The LCpro T  can be fitted with a soil chamber with detachable collar for measuring soil flux, and can be fitted with the fluorometer adapter chamber for simultaneous gas exchange/chlorophyll fluorescence studies.

USB port. Allows faster downloads and easy uploading of software updates and new features when they become available.

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