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CCM200 plus chlorophyll content meter, now with integral GPS

The hugely popular CCM200 plus chlorophyll content meter is now available with built in GPS module.
For a limited time, the CCM200 plus can be purchased with integral GPS at no extra cost. All that we ask in return, is for you to complete a brief survey on the features, performance and usefulness of the GPS module.
This is a limited offer for the next ten units sold. Measurement locations and number of satellites used to obtain the location are stored with your chlorophyll content readings in the memory, for later download via the USB port.
After this limited offer, the GPS version of the CCM200 plus will be sold at a significantly higher price than the standard unit.

£1,200 off of the Fv/Fm meter

Save over £1,200* on the price of a new Fv/Fm chlorophyll fluorometer.
For a limited time the Fv/Fm meter is available for only 
£1,920 supplied ex-works, packed for export.
If you would like to make quality plant stress measurements, at an affordable price, then contact us for a quotation.
The Fv/Fm meter is supplied with hard carrying case, 10 lightweight dark adaption clips, USB cable, rechargeable battery, battery charger and manual.
Product details can be found here…/05/FvFm-meter.pdf

Fv/Fm meter with dark adaption clip
Fv/Fm meter with dark adaption clip

Join us in celebrating 50 years of ADC, The Analytical Development Company

Between July 2019 and July 2020, we will be celebrating 50 years since the original ADC (Analytical Development Company) was formed.
Starting NOW, we are holding a photography competition. We invite you to submit photographs of your application, using any instrument from the ADC product range.

Prizes and Publicity!
We will use all photographs in a collage, to display during our 50th year (website, shows, ADC offices).
1) TOP PRIZE for our favourite photograph: A choice of either a top of the range, “Surface Go” tablet device or a monetary voucher of
£ 2000 GBP toward ADC products and services.
2) 4 great photographs (whether clear, artistic or funny!) will be awarded with the choice of a 10” Android tablet device or a £ 500 GBP monetary voucher toward ADC products and services.
3) Every entry will go into a prize draw for 1 of 5, 128GB memory sticks/pen drives.

How to enter: Please email with your contact details, attach your high resolution photographs in .JPEG or .eps file format (as high resolution as possible). Please also include a short explanation of your application, e.g. location and how you used the ADC device.
Entry deadline: We will accept entries until Thursday 4th July 2019.
Date of Prize Draw: Winners will be chosen and names will be drawn on Monday 8th July 2019, our official 50th! Winners will be contacted soon after.

LCi T photosynthesis system

New LCi T Accessible Photosynthesis System

ADC is pleased to announce the introduction of their latest upgrade to the extremely popular LCi series photosynthesis systems.
Building on the hugely successful LCi-SD, the LCi T adds new levels of versatility and performance.

LCi T accessible photosynthesis system

LCi T portable photosynthesis system

LCi T accessible photosynthesis system

LCi T accessible photosynthesis system.

The new LCi T system benefits from the addition of a large, colour, touch screen display, multiparameter graphing, RGB and white LED light sources which are programmable from the console, GPS for precise altitude, latitude and longitude coordinates and software programming for automated A/Q curves.
Despite the addition of the above features, the console weighs only 2.4kg and the system will run for 12 hours on the internal, rechargeable battery.

Click here for a .pdf of the brochure
Click here for a .pdf comparison of the LCi T and the LCpro T


New photosynthesis system with colour touch screen display

ADC Bioscientific Ltd., is proud to launch their most sophisticated photosynthesis system yet.

Broad leaf chamber and LED light source.

The LCpro T is based on the hugely successful LCpro-SD system and has added a large colour, touch screen display, Li-ion battery, GPS location data, improved elevated CO2 control, faster software programming, multi parameter graphing, RGB or white LED light sources and downloadable graphs. All in a more portable, lightweight configuration.

Click HERE for a .pdf of the brochure

Click HERE for a .pdf comparison of the LCpro T and LCi T

NEW EGA30 Wall Mounted Analyser from ADC Bioscientific Ltd.

The EGA30 is an infrared gas analyser for the measurement of CO2, with laser trimmed sensors for H2O vapour analysis.

EGA30 wall mounted gas analyser

EGA30 wall mounted gas analyser





The compact and lightweight unit has automatic logging to integral SD memory card and 7 analogue inputs for external sensors. When required, the memory card can be removed to analyse data, or the front panel, mini USB port can be used to download measurements to a PC.

EGA30 wall mounted gas analyser


The EGA30 also features 2 user configurable alarm relays and a 5 hour battery back-up, in case of mains power failure.

For full details of the EGA30 click here

A Compact and Affordable Plant Stress Kit

A Compact and Affordable Plant Stress Kit

ADC is pleased to announce the launch of the Plant Stress Kit.
This compact and portable case contains two chlorophyll fluorometers to measure both a light adapted Yield Y(II) measurement and a dark adapted Fv/Fm measurement.
plant stress kit small
Measurements made by this kit include, Y(II), ETR, PAR, Leaf temperature, Fm’ (or Fms), F (or Fs), Loriaux 2013 correction of ETR and Fm’, absorptance (and transmittance), relative humidity, Fv/Fm, Fv/Fo, Fo and Fm.

Y(II) Meter

Yield meter

  • Y(II) and ETR corrected for absorptance
    Leaf absorptance using RGB sensors
    PAR, leaf temperature and RH measured
    Fm’ correction according to Loriaux 2013
    Long term fluorescence monitoring mode
    2Gb on on board memory
    USB output



Fv/Fm Meter

Fv/Fm meter in use

  • Accurate and reliable measurements
    Rapid measurements of large populations
    Lightweight, ergonomic design
    Lightweight dark adaption clips
    Graphic Fv/FM trace display
    2Gb of on-board memory
    USB output

For full details of the test kit and both fluorometers, click below.

For full details of the Plant Stress Kit click here

For full details of the Y(II) meter click here

For full details of the Fv/Fm meter click here

NEW. A compact and affordable solution to Yield Y(II) measurements.

This compact and light-weight modulated fluorometer follows proven and established scientific principles to provide accurate measurements of the quantum yield of PS(II).
This tiny, hand-held meter also measures absorptance to provide the most accurate ETR values possible.

The Y(II) meter follows the advanced protocols determined by Loriaux (2006) to determine the maximum theoretical level of Fm’ with an infinitely intense saturating pulse.
Thousands of datasets can be stored in the 2Gb of on-board memory and a high speed USB is provided to download readings to a computer.

Yield meter

Contact us for more details.

Cost effective multi-channel CO2/H2O analysis


ADC has just launched its latest, automatic, multi-channel CO2 and H2O analysis system.

Up to 24 samples can be sequentially analysed with the EGA60. Each channel can be configured with its own flow rate and sampling time, prior to analysis.

Flow is maintained to all channels, at all times, so the samples are maintained in a constant atmosphere. Channel number, flow rate, CO2/H2O concentrations and analogue input values are all stored on the integral SD memory card for later analysis.


For full details click here

New LED light unit for LCi-SD

The PLU5 is a lightweight and compact white LED light source for use with the LCi ultra compact photosynthesis system.
The light unit can provide up to 2,000umol of cool, white light at the leaf plane. A separate control unit allows researchers to maintain or adjust the light level to the required intensity.
The light system is powered from the LCi console and so no extra power source or battery is required.
The use of low power LEDs means that the spectral quality of the light is maintained over the whole intensity range.
The PLU5 is suitable for all LCi chambers built since July 2001
For full details click here

New iFL Integrated Fluorometer

ADC launch the world’s most advanced, truly portable, combined gas exchange/chlorophyll fluorescence system.

Now, for the first time, researchers are able to make simultaneous measurements of photosynthesis, transpiration, intercellular CO2, stomatal conductance, mesophyll conductance and CO2 at the site of carboxylation.

The iFL offers levels of automation never seen before. Experiments such as Laisk protocols, may be performed automatically without user intervention. Simply set up your experiment, touch the screen and leave the iFL to do the rest.

CCM300 chlorophyll content meter

iFL Integrated fluorometer

All experimentation is configured from the large, colour, touch screen display and data may be recalculated with powerful, on-board, post processing software.
For full details click here